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    About Us


    Tanahmu serves as a platform whereby it allows both farm producer and customers to trade under a brand new agro-ecosystem. It provides a platform for it farmers to obtain various farming information, local weather information and market access; consumers on the other hand are able to access and to purchase from their reliable food producers at the reasonable deal based on the fair review system at Tanahmu’s ecosystem.

    The Vision

    To empower farmers to grow its comparative advantage through Agriculture Technologies.

    Data is the new soil

    For Tanahmu, data is the new soil—to be mined and analysed. Soon, farmers will be accessing the information and knowledge through his mobile phone, this will makes a real difference to the economy’s bottom line, while also helping farmers realize the economic benefits and bring the high quality and safety of food to consumer.

    Tanahmu will change the way how we farm, how we buy, how we sell, and how we learn.